Freight Train

Everybody know that Bob (aka Floyd Lippencotte Jr.) drove the "Freight Train" AA/GD, but few remember that he shoed another famous "twin", The Pulsator AA/FD. AKA Racing will open this photos of history page with some "Pulsator" photos from "We Did It For Love"

Pulsator 1

Frank-Klass-Muravez - "The Pulsator" - AA/FD - Irwindale, 1967
Front wheels dancing off the strip and Bob looking like he's lookin right at ya.

Pulsator 2

"There were actually two separate Pulsator dragsters. The one with the full body was the first one, the one in the photos was the second one. Other than the body, the wheelbases were the main difference. The early Pulsator had a shorter wheelbase. Nye built the body out of fiberglass for the first car. There was only a single mold. The top and bottom were from the same mold, other than minor modifications for the driver area. We ran the original Pulsator without the body more often than not. Goob never drove the Pulsators, either the new or old one. Bob (Muravez) was the only driver. The last time Bob drove the car (at Long Beach), the parachute shroud got tangled up in the bracing for the body. The car leaped up in the air and came down so hard it flattened both oil pans. The next day Nye and I started on the new, longer and lighter Pulsator. We sold the original car to a guy named Jay Ohberg (he had that Chrysler powered hearse) who used it as a show car. Bob told me the other day that some guy recently called him and had purchased the car with restoration in mind. Someone had converted it into a snowmobile."
Photos and Commentary from George Klass

Pulsator 3

Bob Muravez - "Frank-Klass-Muravez" - Irwindale, 1967
Note the puke tubes from the valve covers going into the frame rails. A breather was located in the back of the frame and petcock drains were located in the front. "Worked great".

Pulsator 4

Pulsator 5

Pulsator 6

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